Territory of love & celebration

Our work expresses our yearning towards a world of no restrains and rawness.


We are so honored that you are considering us to be part of your special day! As you can see from our portfolio, we are huge fans of natural lighting and candid imagery - so we do our very best to capture your day to promote those results! Natural light brings an irreplaceable soft touch to the photos we capture. There is no better way to create a cozy atmosphere. Also, it keeps electricity bills low! This is also the place where candid shots are highly appreciated. We believe that there is beauty in imperfection that we, as humans, crave for. People have been told what to do in front of the camera since its invention, so it is finally time for some craziness! Just get playful, relax and let your guard down around us and we will make sure to get the best images you’ll ever have!

Our clients are individuals who are fascinating in many ways. Their love stories bring us laughter and move us to tears. They are living proof that love is still a thing in these crazy times. Here at Alvea Studios, we won't provide you with just photographs, but with tiny memories capsules. We will make sure that you are happy with the results not only after the shoot, but for many years to come.

Are you ready for us to tell your story? Let’s chat now!

-Harold and Abbie

Based in Honolulu, Available Worldwide.

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